College Night


By: Christine Avila

This year College Night took place on October 9th from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM at Arroyo high school’s main quad. Students in the El Monte Union High School District to were able to attend. Colleges including UC’s, CSU’s, Community Colleges, Private Universities, Out of State Universities/Colleges, Branches of the MIlitary and Student Support Programs/ Resources Fairs, were showcased in order to give parents and students more information.

Aside from the colleges, students attended workshops, such as “Financial Aid 101” where students had an overview of the FAFSA application as well as the California Dream Act, students also attended a workshop called “Understanding the CSU and EAP process”, where the students learned how their SAT, ACT and AP scores are used. Another workshop was “Senior Timeline”where the students learned what they should be focusing on. The last workshop available was “The Dream Continues” and this was where students can learn how the California Dream Act legislation can be a pathway for higher education for undocumented students in California.

When arriving, there were checkpoints with different representatives from each school at each table, students had to check in to their corresponding school and receive both a bag and two papers. These papers consisted of an extra credit slip, and a slip that had to get signed proving that they talked to different colleges that allowed the students to participate in a raffle to win an android tablet. Students also received a ticket in order to receive a free shirt.

Throughout the evening, students talked to representatives and received information from the colleges they decided to hear from. Apart from the talking, students could take home pamphlets and other flyers that the college had to offer on their table.

“I thought college night was very informative and they helped me choose what kind of college I want to attend.” Serina Villegas (‘18).

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