Vikings win at Homecoming

BY: Judy & Mayumi

Mountain View won this year’s homecoming game, 70-0, on October 13 against Marshall Eagles. ASB organized the event, making it Grammy Awards themed. The ticket required for entry was $7, and gold card members went in for free.

Many people had arrived to support Mountain View, opposed to the fewer on Marshall. Color Guard marched in first followed by Band marching in behind them playing “Queen City.” Once settled, everyone stood to respect the National Anthem, played by the band.  

The Halftime show started off with the cheerleaders rolling in on a firetruck throwing candy to the people in the bleachers. After the cheerleaders got across the track, 4 trucks, each holding the a class float, parked in front of the bleachers.

The freshmen were the first ones to start with their dance. Their homecoming float was a picture of Beyonce wearing the dress she wore in her music video for “Hold Up” in green with limes in the background. Next up were the Sophomores, their float was Tyler The Creator’s album cover for Flower Boy with a Breast cancer awareness ribbon on Tyler’s back.  Following them were Juniors, who’s float was the cover of Khalid’s last album, American teen.  Lastly were the Seniors with their Homecoming float consisting of 4 different albums, Anti by Rhianna, Damn by Kendrick, Starboy by The weekend, and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy by Kanye West.  

Francisco Barragan (‘20) said, “I liked the sophomores’ float more, I think they put more effort into their dance too.” Senior Alondra Tachiquin said “I thought that they were very creative. I haven’t seen a different high school that has used floats like that. They usually use ideas that are overused like Disney characters. My favorite was obviously the seniors float!”

After the dances were presented and the trucks with the floats had left, they announced the Homecoming court along with the homecoming Queen Ana Garcia (‘18). After the halftime show, the players continued the game.

Julio Mejia (‘18), who played defensive nose and tackle for the game said, [Marshall is] more of a running team, and I think this made it a really easy game for us.

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