Renaissance Assembly: Nikki Ma

By Myrna Angulo and Marla Sanchez

Photo by Nayely Romero

On March 8, the Renaissance Assembly recognized 10 students from each class with highest GPA in the school. One student who was recognized for her academic achievement was Nikki Ma (‘21). Ma is ranked number 1 in the sophomore class and ranked 8 in the school with an unweighted cumulative GPA of 3.92.

Ma keeps herself busy by being a member of three 3 clubs: Link Crew, Pacific Horizon, and Key Club. Before recently being elected president of Key Club, Ma was previously the vice president. Ma is typically an outgoing person, and she enjoys her free time by either going out with friends or staying home and relaxing.

Jenny Chen (‘20), former Key Club president said, “I think Nikki deserves her spot as rank 1 as she is hard working, outgoing and a fun person to be around.”

Ma is hoping to attend a 4-year university or a medical school. She hopes to be a cardiothoracic surgeon, which is a medical doctor who specializes in procedures of the heart, lungs, and other organs in the chest.

Ma maintains her grades by making sure she understands the subject thoroughly and getting her school work and homework done on time. Ma says, “School is important to me because it gives us more opportunities for life and to explore.”

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