Nesly Perez Senior Profile

Photo by: Maricarmen Cortes

 Written by: Bryan Estrada

Nesly Perez will attend Cal State LA for its Urban Learning Program. The Urban Learning Program is an undergraduate major for students who want to earn a bachelor’s degree and teaching credential at the same time.

“My former teachers inspired me to become a teacher myself,” said Perez. She plans on becoming an elementary or middle school teacher after college because she said she prefers working with younger students.

At MVHS, she has participated in extracurricular activities including basketball, FCA, MEchA, and Teachers Preparation Academy (TPA).

Through her involvement in TPA, Perez tutored students at local middle schools. She said that her TPA experience helped her decide if she wanted to pursue a career in teaching.

“[The first-hand experience] helped me [understand] the learning ability of each student and what I can do to help [them],” said Perez.

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