Additional Gift Ideas

by Yatz Michua, Lifestyle Editor, and Nicholas Mireles, Staff Reporter

If the suggestions on page 7 of the Scroll’s Issue 3 don’t quite fit your needs, here are a few more ideas for gift-giving.


Stickers are used to decorate items to give them a sense of style. You could also stickers to younger siblings or family members as a reward or for them to decorate.

$2-$10 / CVS


A bracelet could be for a special someone to signify your bond with them. You could also write a card to go with the bracelet to tell them how much they mean to you.

$1-$15 / Marshalls

Gift Cards

You can buy a gift card for a friend who enjoys a certain item or business. For example, if your friend likes Starbucks you can buy them a Starbucks gift cards.

$10-$30 / Various locations

Goody bags

Goody bags can be filled with your loved one’s favorite snacks and candies. You can personalize them as much as you want to show how attentive you are. 

$5 -$20 / Walmart 

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