ASb officers in-brief

Destiny Flores, contributor, contribution by Metztli Hernandez, page editor

Though the campus is closed due to the pandemic, the MVHS ASB continues to meet virtually with its new cabinet.

Arlene Hernadez (‘21), the current ASB president, was voted in on June 10. Hernandez said, “I am happy to be president because I was super shy before and never thought I would do something like this. Unfortunately, I can not do everything that I had planned for this school year, as I was looking forward to achieving a lot for our school.”

Julieth Cardona was elected as the ASB vice president on June 10. Julieth (‘21) said, “With everything going on due to the corona virus and distance learning I believe ASB has helped me still include a sense of normality. Sure it’s not the same but it’s still nice to plan things for the school as always.” 

 On September 12, Frankie Robles became the ASB President and Diego Gonzalez became the Vice President of the freshman class.

Robles said, “I hope to make the school better, help out with everything, and to make sure to listen to everyone’s ideas.” 

Gonzalez said, “I want to step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself to do something new and get an amazing experience out of it.” 

This new leadership hosted a spirit week through instagram from August 24-28. They had many polls like debates between movies and other fun activities. The ASB leadership also interacted with students by reposting many of their costumes and makeup posts submitted.

The rest of the ASB cabinet are 

  • ASB Secretary Fabiola Cruz
  • ASB Treasurer Manuel Andrade
  • Senior President Alexandra Nery 
  • Senior Vice President Leilani Perez
  • Junior President  Jesse Arias 
  • Junior Vice President Isabel Fernandez
  • Sophomore President Anisa Robles
  • Sophomore Vice President Mariana Barboza

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