Viking Scroll Issue 1 (2021-22)

Our first in-print issue since February 2020! Copies will be distributed during 5th period on November 19. After that, you can get a copy from Mr. Weller in Room 248.

Please note: On page 1, the Scroll wrote “When students or staff receive a positive COVID-19 test, the school performs contract tracing by evaluating all staff and students who had close con-
tact…Staff then determine if the students will be sent home, or if they can stay on campus depending
on their vaccination status and symptoms.”

To clarify, in the last sentence, “students” refers to students who had close contact with another person who tested positive for COVID. Students or staff who receive a positive COVID diagnosis are required to self-isolate according to Los Angeles County protocols and are not allowed to return to campus until at least 10 days have passed.

The Scroll regrets this lack of clarity and will run a correction for the record in Issue 2.

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