Spring Break Ideas

By Aaron Ceballos, page editor

With spring break around the corner, you might ask yourself the question, “What should I do this break?” Well, in not wanting to waste the last week-long break we have of the 2022-2023 school year, this can be a hard decision to make.

When thinking of things to do or places to go, there can be a lot of things to consider such as, is what I’m doing affordable? Can I do an activity or go to a place with friends? Is it an area nearby? 

Something to do that caters to all of these concerns is to go to a nearby park. Going to the park is free; you can hang out with friends or even on your own, and there are nearby parks such as Mountain View Park, Zamora Park, and Arceo Park that are accessible.

Right across the street from Arceo Park stands El Monte’s public library. Going to the library is completely free as you can register for a library card with your basic information, such as proof of current address. If you’re a minor, you will need a parent’s signature to get your library card.

With a library card, you’d be able to check out up to thirty items– including books, DVDs, and even VHS tapes. There are also computers there with a printer available for use.

Something else to be considered when thinking of what to do for spring break is eating good food, and going to a Chinese restaurant is fun and affordable. There are many different Chinese food places nearby, but one that is worth noting is RiceWok, located right next to Food4Less and CVS. Its vast food options, low prices, and relaxing dining environment make it a great place to go to. 

Another great place to visit and enjoy something to eat is Bionicos Y Jugos Zapopan. They offer fruit mixtures with different items such as yogurt, cream cheese, and even ice cream. They also offer different flavors of freshly-made aguas frescas. 

The most important thing to do while on spring break is to have fun and relax. Spend time with friends and family but also give yourself time to relax from school. If you have homework to do over the break, you can make it seem less stressful by doing it over a spread of time so that you’re not forced to do it all at once. 

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