Sports Recaps: Winter 2022-23, Part 2

The Winter 2022-23 season has come to a close. Wrestling saw success in the Mission Valley League finals last week, with seniors Jocelyn Camarena and Amber Phan winning league championships. Boys basketball, meanwhile, finished 2nd in the league and reached the CIF playoffs. Read on for more details.

Girls Basketball

Overall: 2-17

League: 1-11, 7th place

Jan. 4 at Rosemead, L, 61-21

Jan. 6 at South El Monte, L, 45-23

Jan. 11 vs Arroyo, L, 42-16

Jan. 13 vs Gabrielino, L, 53-17

Jan. 18 at Marshall, L, 48-19

Jan. 20 vs El Monte, L, 48-27

Jan .23 vs Rosemead, L, 38-17

Jan.25 vs South El Monte, W, 38-24

Feb.1 at Arroyo, L, 47-10

Feb.3 at Gabrielino, L, 37-7

Interesting Fact: Junior Darlene Murillo said of the January 25th game against South El Monte, “It was a hard game but they were able to focus and work as a team to get the win, in which the energy needed was there.”

Boys Basketball

Overall: 11-12

League: 9-3, 2nd place

Dec. 26 vs Adelanto, L, 105-48

Dec. 27 vs Walnut, L, 81-34

Dec. 28 vs Covina, L, 51-42

Jan. 4 at Rosemead, W, 72-45

Jan. 6 at South El Monte, W, 68-61

Jan. 11 vs Arroyo, W, 57-56

Jan. 13 vs Gabrielino, L, 69-51

Jan. 18 at Marshall, W, 59-57

Jan. 20 vs El Monte, W, 65-20

Jan. 23 vs Rosemead, W, 71-32

Jan. 25 vs South El Monte, T, 1-1

Feb. 1 at Arroyo L 60-59

Feb. 3 at Gabrielino, L, 62-46

CIF First Round: Feb. 8 at United Christian Academy, L, 69-63

Interesting Fact: The team had a winning streak of five games from December 12th- January 11th.

Girls Soccer

Overall: 4-12-5

League: 0-9-3, 7th place

Dec.17 vs Cabrillo, W, 3-2 (tournament)

Dec. 17 vs Villanova Prep, W, 9-0 (tournament)

Jan. 4 at Rosemead, L, 3-0

Jan. 5 at South El Monte, T, 1-1

Jan. 11 vs Arroyo, T, 1-1

Jan. 13 at Gabrielino, L, 4-0

Jan. 17 at Marshall, L, 4-0

Jan. 19 vs El Monte, L, 5-0

Jan. 23 vs Rosemead, L, 4-0

Jan. 25 vs South El Monte, T, 1-1

Jan.31 at Arroyo, L, 2-0

Feb.2 vs Gabrielino, L, 3-0

Interesting Fact: Melanie Moreno (’23) said, “We were able to create a very committed team with the help of dedicated and experienced coaches this year.”

Boys Soccer

Overall: 8-12-3

League: 4-8, 6th place

Jan. 4 vs Rosmead, W, 4-3

Jan. 6 vs South El Monte, L, 1-0

Jan. 11 at Arroyo, W, 2-0

Jan. 13 at Gabrielino, W, 1-0

Jan. 17 vs Marshall, W, 3-0

Jan. 19 at El Monte, L, 2-1

Jan. 23 at Rosemead, L, 1-0

Jan. 25 at South El Monte, L, 2-0

Interesting Fact: Rafael Puente (’23) was the leading goal scorer of this season with 6 goals.


Girls: Jan. 5, at South El Monte, L, 48-34

Boys: Jan. 5, at South El Monte, L, 51-27

Girls: Jan. 19, at Arroyo, L, 72-12

Boys: Jan. 19, at Arroyo, L, 72-12

Girls: Jan. 28, Varsity Wrestling CIF Team Duals

  • Jocelyn Camarena placed 3rd place
  • Rocio Hernandez placed 4th place
  • Mollie Jimenez placed 5th place
  • Vivian McMahon placed 5th place
  • Ruby Saldivar placed 6th place

Girls: Feb. 4, at Gabrielino, League Finals

  • Jocelyn Camarena placed 1st place, League Champ and Lower Weight MVP
  • Amber Phan placed 1st place, League Champ
  • Carolina Bobadilla placed 2nd place
  • Rocio Hernandez placed 2nd place
  • Mollie Jimenez placed 2nd place
  • Vivian McMahon placed 2nd place
  • Emma Michel placed 2nd place
  • Ruby Saldivar placed 4th place

Boys: Feb. 4, at Gabrielino, League Finals

  • Raymond Flores placed 2nd place 
  • Ricky Guerrero placed 4th place 
  • Alex Kuang placed 4th place
  • Leonel Nava placed 4th place
  • Albert Galarza placed 5th place

Interesting Fact: Jocelyn Camarena is the second wrestler in MVHS history to win lower weight MVP in history. This year also marks the highest number of girls who qualified for CIF finals.

Sports Recaps: Winter 2022, Part 1

Winter Sports have started; here are updates on the early-season results. (Results are through December 15.)

Girls Basketball

Overall: 1-8

League: 0-2


Nov. 16, vs. Glenn, L, 38-17

Nov. 18, vs. Southland Christian, L, 28-20

Nov. 30, at La Puente, W, 26-24

Dec. 2, vs. Rio Mesa, L 53-11

Dec. 5, vs. Blair, L 39-26

Dec. 7, vs. Bolsa Grande, L, 31-17

Dec. 9, vs. Baldwin Park, L, 47-40

Dec. 12, vs. Marshall, L, 58-21

Dec. 14, at El Monte, L, 44-34

Interesting Fact: According to junior Darlene Murillo, “Basketball is about the mindset.” She believes that if a player’s mental preparation is lacking, they won’t perform at their best.

Boys Basketball

Overall: 3-5

League: 2-0


Nov. 14, at Whittier Christian, L 55-75

Nov. 15, at Alhambra, L, 47-72 

Nov. 17, at South Hills, L, 58-65

Nov. 18, at Bell Gardens, W, 57-53

Nov. 28, at Irvine, L, 47-74

Dec.7, at Servite, L, 41-72

Dec. 12, vs. Marshall, W, 69-70

Dec. 14, at El Monte, 63-22

Interesting Fact: According to senior Xavier Spann, the win against Marshall on Dec. 12 was the most fun game, because the score was close and the crowd was loud.

Girls Soccer

Overall: 2-5-2

League: 0-2


Nov. 16, vs. San Gabriel, W, 3-0

Nov. 17, vs. La Puente, T, 2-2

Dec. 2, at Montebello, L, 2-1 

Dec. 6, vs. Workman, W, 8-0

Dec. 8, at Pioneer, T, 0-0

Dec. 10, vs Godinez Fundamental, L, 3-0 (tournament)

Dec. 10, vs. Artesia, L, 2-1 (tournament)

Dec. 13, vs. Marshall, L, 8-0

Dec. 15, at El Monte, L, 6-0

Interesting Fact: According to junior Marleen Mendoza, the 2022-23 Viking team’s strengths are communication and passing.

Boys Soccer

Overall: 4-6-3

League: 0-2


Nov. 14, vs Sierra Vista, CANCELED

Nov. 17, at La Puente, L, 0-2

Nov. 21,  at Monrovia, T, 1-1

Nov. 28, at Mark Keppel, W, 4-3

Nov. 30, vs. Los Altos, T, 1-1

Dec. 2, vs. Artesia, W, 2-1 (tournament)

Dec. 2, at Sierra Vista, L, 3-0 (tournament)

Dec. 6, at La Canada, L, 1-2

Dec. 8, vs. Santiago, T, 2-2 (tournament)

Dec. 9, at Huntington Beach, L, 1-2 (tournament)

Dec. 10, vs. St. John Bosco, T, 2-2 (tournament)

Dec. 10, vs Trabuco Hills, L, 0-2 (tournament)

Dec. 12, at Marshall, L, 2-0

Dec. 15, vs. El Monte, L, 1-0

Interesting Fact: Junior Moises Lerma is the team’s leading goal scorer with four goals.



Girls: Dec. 1, at Marshall, W, 24-0

Boys: Dec. 1, at Marshall, L, 53-24

Girls: Dec. 8, vs. El Monte, W, 48-18

Boys: Dec. 8, vs. El Monte, L, 42-30

Girls: Dec. 15, vs. Rosemead, W, 24-0

Boys: Dec. 15, vs. Rosemead, L, 48-36

Interesting Fact: Girls’ wrestling has a winning streak of 3 meets.

Seniors on the 2022-2023 wrestling team gathered for a photo after the December 15th home match against Rosemead High School. The girls won, 24-0, while the boys lost, 48-36.
Photo by Noemi Linares

Students demonstrate to raise awareness of sexual misconduct

On Friday, September 30th, around 40 MVHS students gathered at the pep stand to protest against sexual misconduct. Word of this protest was spread through social media, starting with Layla Martir (‘23) and Ebaney Arambula (‘23). Students reposted the news of the protest, some of them adding comments of support.

The day of the protest, a small group of people, including Martir and Arambula, began to gather at the pep stand, carrying posters saying things such as “Justice For All Victims.” While initially being a group of about 5, more people gathered in support. Once there were around 25 people, the group began to chant, “What do we want? Justice!”

At 12:31 PM, the students marched away from the pep stand and began to march through the tent next to the quad. More people followed them and joined the protest. By the time they got back to the pep stand, there were around 40 people showing their support.

To wrap things up, the students chanted “No means no!” as a crowd gathered in support. Before the bell rang, they marched through the tent one more time, then made their way back to their classrooms.

Both Martir and Arambula said that the purpose of the protest was for people’s voices to be heard, and that this was fulfilled.

Martir said that on the days leading up to the protest, the organizers were afraid there would be mishaps, but she said is glad that the protest was not shut down.

Arambula noted that the protest being planned out throughout that week made it safe for everyone involved.

Principal Jose Bañas stated that students have the right of freedom of speech to express their beliefs.

Martir had a message for anyone who has experienced sexual assault: “It’s okay to talk about it and bring it up, it’s okay to cry about it and mourn it, and to allow yourself to heal from it.”

Celebración del día de independencia en diferentes países hispanos

The Scroll is pleased to introduce “Scroll en español,” a new series of Spanish-language article. Staff reporter Edgar Cervantes starts off the series with a look at Independence Day celebrations in several Latin American countries.

El Scroll presenta “Scroll en español”, una nueva serie de articulos en español. El reportero Edgar Cervantes comienza esta serie con una mirada a las celebraciones del Dia de la Independencia en varios países de América Latina.

Edgar Cervantes, reportero

El día de la independencia es celebrado en diferentes países en diferentes días o épocas todos con el propósito de celebrar la libertad al liberarse de ser colonias de algún país principalmente España.  

El día de la independencia es el 16 de Septiembre en México. Es una gran celebración donde en todas partes de México se festeja con fuegos artificiales Iluminando el cielo nocturno, se reúne la gente para comer juntos y celebrar. Mientras tanto, en la Capital del país en el Zócalo el presidente da un discurso y hay una gran celebración para conmemorar la independencia del país.

El 20 de Julio es el día de independencia de Colombia siendo su celebración patriótica más importante. Es una gran celebración con desfiles entre otras cosas como evento cultural. También  la gente se reúne para comer, convivir y disfrutar de la compañía de los demás. 

El 15 de Septiembre se celebra el día de la independencia en El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica y Nicaragua durante el cual se hacen grandes eventos en cada uno de los países, desde eventos cívicos hasta grandes desfiles por todo el país vistiendo ropa tradicional.

Estas son algunas de las respuestas que nos dieron algunos maestros cuando les preguntamos por qué es importante celebrar el día de la independencia. 

Sr. Héctor Torres del departamento de lenguas extranjeras dijo, “Es importante porque nos ayuda a recordar las cosas que sucedieron en la antigüedad, nos recuerda que nuestros ancestros pasaron por momentos de dificultad pero pudieron lograr su cometido de independizarse”. 

Sra. Laura Zuniga del departamento de lenguas extranjeras dijo, “Siento que es importante celebrar el dia de la independencia de cualquier país por que da la oportunidad a las personas de reconocer la fecha en que estos países se independizaron, hace varios años y también a las personas que no participaron en ese momento nos da la oportunidad que aprender sobre la cultura de esos países”.

Sports Recaps Fall 2022

MVHS Fall 2022 sports have come to an end; here are the final results. The Scroll will post an update on Winter sports in December.


Overall: 3-10

League: 0-5


Aug. 20, at Azusa, L, 51-6

Aug. 26, vs. Workman, W, 48-27

Sep. 2, vs. Gladstone, W, 28-6

Sep. 9, vs. Temple City, L, 40-26

Sep. 16, at Century, W, 32-7

Sep. 30, vs. Arroyo, L, 51-0

Oct. 6, at Rosemead, L, 47-22

Oct. 14, vs. El Monte, L, 40-6

Oct. 21, at Gabrielino, L, 34-6

Oct. 28, at South El Monte, L, 22-55

Interesting fact: The Viking Scroll will feature senior Jonathan Cruz in Issue 1.

The Vikings attempt to move the ball against Temple City at Viking Stadium on September 9 in a 40-26 loss.

Girls Tennis

Overall: 3-12

League: 1-10


Aug. 30 at Sierra Vista, L, Score not reported

Sep. 8 at La Puente, W, Score not reported

Sep. 13 vs. Baldwin Park, W, 11-7

Sep. 20 vs. Arroyo, L, 2-16

Sep. 22 vs. Rosemead, L, 5-13

Sep. 27 at El Monte, L, 5-13

Sep. 29 vs. Marshall, L, 3-15

Oct. 4 at South El Monte, L, 8-10

Oct. 6 vs. Arroyo, L, 2-16

Oct. 11 at Rosemead, L, 2-16

Oct. 13 vs. El Monte, L, 6-12

Oct. 18 vs. South El Monte, L, 4-14

Oct. 20 vs. South El Monte, W, 11-7

Interesting Fact:  The Vikings won their senior night game on October 20 against South El Monte.

Cross Country

Interesting Facts:

  • Raziel Lopez (’24) placed 6th out of 47 at the Mission Valley League Cluster 1, running in 17 minutes. He placed 7th out of 48 at the Mission Valley League Cluster 2. He was the top runner on the MVHS men’s team at the Cool Breeze race, finishing in 18.40 minutes.
  • Ashley Pantoja Diaz (’23) was the top runner on the women’s team at the Cool Breeze race, finishing in 28.35 minutes.


Overall: 1-20

League: 1-12


Aug. 16, vs. Bassett, L, 3-1

Aug. 18, vs Pioneer, L, 3-2

Aug. 19, vs. Workman, L, 3-0

Aug. 23, vs. Baldwin Park, L, 3-2

Aug. 26, vs. Estancia, L, 3-0

Aug. 30, at Sierra Vista, L, 3-1

Aug. 31, vs. Paramount, L, 3-0

Sep. 2, at Marshall, L, 3-0

Sep 7, vs. El Monte, L, 3-2

Sep. 9, vs. Rosemead, W, 1-3

Sep. 12, at South El Monte, L, 3-0

Sep. 16, at Arroyo, L, 3-0

Sep. 19, vs. Marshall, L, 3-0

Sep. 21, at Gabrielino, L, 3-0

Sep.23 at Sierra Vista, L, 2-0

Sep. 26, at El Monte, L, Score not reported

Sep. 28, at Rosemead, L, 3-1

Sep. 30, vs. South El Monte, L, 3-0

Oct. 7, vs. Arroyo, L, 3-0

Oct. 12, vs. Gabrielino, L, 3-0

Interesting fact: Evelyn Hernandez (’23) made the all-tournament team in the Sierra Vista Tournament in August.

Lady Vikes get in place to go against El Monte in this home game on September 7th, a 3-2 loss.

Scroll Review: The Odd Couple

Review by Noemi Linares & Irene Sanchez

MVHS drama performed The Odd Couple by Neil Simon at the Black Box Theater on March 31, and April 1, 6, and 8. Mr. Scott Bier directed the play. Tickets were sold for $7; the first performance on March 31 was sold out.

The play started off with five girls – Sylvie (Ly Ngo), Mickey (Maria Duran), Renee (Claudia Castro), Vera (Emily Mesta), and Olive (Brisa Escobedo) – all playing a trivia game during their regular hangout at Olive’s apartment. Later, they wonder why their friend Florence (Miki Lam) had yet to arrive, as she’s never been late before.

Not long after, they get a call from Sydney, Florence’s husband of 12 years. He explains that they are getting a divorce and that Florence threatened to kill herself. 

The girls panic a little at first, but they calm down and remind themselves that Florence would be too scared to do anything. They all think of places where she might have gone off too before realizing that she would most likely go to the apartment.

About a minute later, someone knocks on the door, and they have a feeling they know who it is. Pretending not to know anything, Vera opens the door. Florence comes in visibly upset, but the girls ignore it. 

After having a discussion, everyone but Olive and Florence left the apartment. The former suggested that Florence should live with her which she agreed too. Olive sympathized with Florence as she herself is divorced.

The two women would soon find out that they are an “odd couple” with very conflicting personalities; while Florence is a very tidy, clean freak, Olive is your very typical lazy, messy, and take-out obsessive person.

The Scroll attended the April 6 show. The two leads, Escobedo and Lam, did such an excellent job playing their roles that you could tell they were passionate about the play. Both Escobedo and Lam are very talented individuals, and the Viking Scroll hopes to see them cast in future productions. 

The Scroll also would like to congratulate and praise the performances of the other staff members. Ngo portrayed her character Sylvie amazingly well. The Scroll loved the particular moment when she carried and threw Florence on the couch without breaking character.  

Mickey was a cop who always worried about her friends; Duran was able to bring that personality to life. Especially since this is Duran’s first production, she did exceptionally well, and the Scroll would like to see her in future projects. We especially loved Mickey’s humor, such as when she made risqué or dark jokes.

Renee was an excellent character made even more enjoyable by Castro’s portrayal. Castro is a bold actor and she seemed to have enjoyed playing her role. Vera was a very funny character. She was seen as the “dumb” friend, but we loved the way that Mesta added humor to her character by portraying her gullibility.

Monolo and Jesus Coztazuela are brothers in the production, who are played by Juan Oliva (Monolo) and Angel Hernandez (Jesus). The Scroll absolutely loved their jokes and the way that their characters mixed up their Spanish and English words. The Scroll thinks they did a great job portraying this humor with their characters and definitely gave the audience a good laugh.

The show wouldn’t be possible without the participation of the dedicated crew (see below, cast list) and Mr. Bier. The cast and crew committed themselves into the play; they rehearsed for 40 days, 3-4 hours each day. Mr. Bier, although nervous at first due to the inexperience of multiple cast members, was pleased at the cast members’ performance.

Anthony Flores and Zamara Ramirez both said they had a great time working as crew members.

Flores said, “It was a new experience, I really liked it, I’d probably do it again next year.”

“It felt amazing. I worked with a lot of people… [and] I had a lot of fun,” Ramirez said.

Miki Lam and Brisa Escobedo play the roles of Florence and Olive in Mountain View’s production of The Odd Couple at the Black Box Theater on April 6.

Photo courtesy of Vista

Ly Ngo as Sylvie
Maria Duran as Mickey
Claudia Castro as Renee
Emily Mesta as Vera
Brisa Escobedo as Olive
Miki Lam as Florence
Angel Hernandez as Manolo
Juan Olivia as Jesus
Mr. Scott Bier, director
Rebeca Favela, stage manager
Zamara Ramirez, costumes
Emily Mendez, house manager
Guadalupe and Joanna Linares, and Anthony Flores, props and stagehands

Full Disclosure: Crew members Joanna and Guadalupe Linares are Noemi Linares’ sisters.

Spring Sports Recap

Reporting by Junior Duran, Jose Flores, Lissette Martinez, Sibyl Soto, and Adrian Vega

Edited by Destiny Flores and Metztli Hernandez


Record: Overall: 8-11     League: 6-4


Mar. 16, vs. El Monte, W, 10-0

Mar. 18, vs. Rosemead, W, 10-0

Mar. 21, vs. South El Monte, W, 12-0

Mar. 26, at Arroyo,L, 5-2

Mar. 30, at Gabrieleno, L, 8-7

Apr. 1, vs. Marshall, L, 7-4

Apr. 4, at El Monte, W, 1-0

Apr. 6, at Rosemead, W, 12-0

Apr. 8, vs. South El Monte, W, 13-4

Apr. 14, vs. Arroyo, L, 4-3

Apr. 26, at Gabrielino, L, 4-2

Apr. 28, vs. Marshall, L, 10-0

May 4 (CIF Wild Card), at Hamilton, W, 15-8

May 6 (CIF First Round), at Riverside Prep, L, 10-4

Interesting Fact: The April 4 win against El Monte was due to forfeit.


Record: Overall: 6-14 League: 3-8


Mar. 16, vs. El Monte, W, 7-6

Mar. 18, vs. Rosemead, L, 6-0

Mar. 21, vs. South El Monte, L, 15-1

Mar. 25, at Arroyo, L, 7-0

Mar. 30, at Gabrielino, W, 9-0

Apr. 4, at El Monte, L, 6-5

Apr. 6, at Rosemead, L, 5-4

Apr. 8, at South El Monte, L, 12-2

Apr. 11, at Marshall, W, 28-0

Apr. 14, vs. Arroyo, L, 17-1

Apr. 26, at Gabrielino, L, 11-7

Apr. 28, vs. Marshall, W, 10-0

Interesting Fact: The game against Marshall on 4/28 ended after 2 innings when the Marshall coach was ejected.

Tennis (Boys)

Record: 2-12 League 0-10


Mar. 15, vs.Ganesha, W 12-6

Mar. 17, vs.El Monte, L 4-14

Mar. 22, vs. Marshall, L, 10-7

Mar. 31, vs. Rosemead, L 4-14

April. 7, vs. Marshall, L, 7-11

Apr. 12, vs. South El Monte, L, 7-11

Interesting Fact: Jeremiah De La Luz (’23) was named team MVP. He is also a starter on the football team.

Track & Field 

Anthony Paniagua (’22) tied for first place in the high jump in league.

Elizabeth Castillio (’22) placed 3rd in the 100 meters and 200 meters in league.

Interesting fact: For the first time in 15 years, Mountain View has a pole vault team, with 3 pole vaulters. Aldred Cruz (’25) finished fourth in league in pole vault.