Ly ngo, scholar-athlete

Yatz Michua, lifestyle editor; contributions by Nicholas Mireles and Anisa Robles, staff writers

Photo courtesy of Hao Ngo

Sophomore Ly Ngo has accomplished maintaining straight As throughout the school year. She stays determined and works hard to maintain good grades. Her 4.2 GPA ranks at number 5 for the sophomore class. 

Ngo said she stays focused in order to get the grades she wants. She also studies for all of her tests. by using study guides and her notes. 

She said that what helps her the most is paying attention in class while she does her work, to make sure that she is understanding the material. 

Ngo shared that one of her fears is to fail at reaching her goals of “having good grades, being involved [in school] and having a good work ethic.” In order to prevent that, she does her homework and attempts to not procrastinate.

After school, she participates in volleyball, basketball, and track. In volleyball, she played outside hitter for most of the season, with some time at middle. For basketball, she is a shooting guard and a small forward. 

During her time on the track and field team, Ngo has done a variety of events, including discus, hurdles, and long jump. 

Ngo made varsity in all three sports. 

Volleyball Coach Geodi Sunabe-Davidson said, “[Ngo] is a hard worker and a great team player.” She continued to say that Ngo is a quiet leader but her teammates feed off of her energy on the court. She also said that Ngo is very coachable and makes adjustments when coaches give her feedback. 

Sunabe added that she is excited to see what Ngo can do in her junior and senior years.

Ngo doesn’t want to struggle with not getting things done, so as soon as she gets home, she eats, showers, and does her homework. She also tries to do as much homework as she can during 7th period.

Since Ngo is in the top 5 of her class, you might assume she stays up late to study. However, Ngo said she goes to bed by 11 to ensure she gets enough rest.