Sports Recaps Fall 2022

MVHS Fall 2022 sports have come to an end; here are the final results. The Scroll will post an update on Winter sports in December.


Overall: 3-10

League: 0-5


Aug. 20, at Azusa, L, 51-6

Aug. 26, vs. Workman, W, 48-27

Sep. 2, vs. Gladstone, W, 28-6

Sep. 9, vs. Temple City, L, 40-26

Sep. 16, at Century, W, 32-7

Sep. 30, vs. Arroyo, L, 51-0

Oct. 6, at Rosemead, L, 47-22

Oct. 14, vs. El Monte, L, 40-6

Oct. 21, at Gabrielino, L, 34-6

Oct. 28, at South El Monte, L, 22-55

Interesting fact: The Viking Scroll will feature senior Jonathan Cruz in Issue 1.

The Vikings attempt to move the ball against Temple City at Viking Stadium on September 9 in a 40-26 loss.

Girls Tennis

Overall: 3-12

League: 1-10


Aug. 30 at Sierra Vista, L, Score not reported

Sep. 8 at La Puente, W, Score not reported

Sep. 13 vs. Baldwin Park, W, 11-7

Sep. 20 vs. Arroyo, L, 2-16

Sep. 22 vs. Rosemead, L, 5-13

Sep. 27 at El Monte, L, 5-13

Sep. 29 vs. Marshall, L, 3-15

Oct. 4 at South El Monte, L, 8-10

Oct. 6 vs. Arroyo, L, 2-16

Oct. 11 at Rosemead, L, 2-16

Oct. 13 vs. El Monte, L, 6-12

Oct. 18 vs. South El Monte, L, 4-14

Oct. 20 vs. South El Monte, W, 11-7

Interesting Fact:  The Vikings won their senior night game on October 20 against South El Monte.

Cross Country

Interesting Facts:

  • Raziel Lopez (’24) placed 6th out of 47 at the Mission Valley League Cluster 1, running in 17 minutes. He placed 7th out of 48 at the Mission Valley League Cluster 2. He was the top runner on the MVHS men’s team at the Cool Breeze race, finishing in 18.40 minutes.
  • Ashley Pantoja Diaz (’23) was the top runner on the women’s team at the Cool Breeze race, finishing in 28.35 minutes.


Overall: 1-20

League: 1-12


Aug. 16, vs. Bassett, L, 3-1

Aug. 18, vs Pioneer, L, 3-2

Aug. 19, vs. Workman, L, 3-0

Aug. 23, vs. Baldwin Park, L, 3-2

Aug. 26, vs. Estancia, L, 3-0

Aug. 30, at Sierra Vista, L, 3-1

Aug. 31, vs. Paramount, L, 3-0

Sep. 2, at Marshall, L, 3-0

Sep 7, vs. El Monte, L, 3-2

Sep. 9, vs. Rosemead, W, 1-3

Sep. 12, at South El Monte, L, 3-0

Sep. 16, at Arroyo, L, 3-0

Sep. 19, vs. Marshall, L, 3-0

Sep. 21, at Gabrielino, L, 3-0

Sep.23 at Sierra Vista, L, 2-0

Sep. 26, at El Monte, L, Score not reported

Sep. 28, at Rosemead, L, 3-1

Sep. 30, vs. South El Monte, L, 3-0

Oct. 7, vs. Arroyo, L, 3-0

Oct. 12, vs. Gabrielino, L, 3-0

Interesting fact: Evelyn Hernandez (’23) made the all-tournament team in the Sierra Vista Tournament in August.

Lady Vikes get in place to go against El Monte in this home game on September 7th, a 3-2 loss.

Scroll Review: The Odd Couple

Review by Noemi Linares & Irene Sanchez

MVHS drama performed The Odd Couple by Neil Simon at the Black Box Theater on March 31, and April 1, 6, and 8. Mr. Scott Bier directed the play. Tickets were sold for $7; the first performance on March 31 was sold out.

The play started off with five girls – Sylvie (Ly Ngo), Mickey (Maria Duran), Renee (Claudia Castro), Vera (Emily Mesta), and Olive (Brisa Escobedo) – all playing a trivia game during their regular hangout at Olive’s apartment. Later, they wonder why their friend Florence (Miki Lam) had yet to arrive, as she’s never been late before.

Not long after, they get a call from Sydney, Florence’s husband of 12 years. He explains that they are getting a divorce and that Florence threatened to kill herself. 

The girls panic a little at first, but they calm down and remind themselves that Florence would be too scared to do anything. They all think of places where she might have gone off too before realizing that she would most likely go to the apartment.

About a minute later, someone knocks on the door, and they have a feeling they know who it is. Pretending not to know anything, Vera opens the door. Florence comes in visibly upset, but the girls ignore it. 

After having a discussion, everyone but Olive and Florence left the apartment. The former suggested that Florence should live with her which she agreed too. Olive sympathized with Florence as she herself is divorced.

The two women would soon find out that they are an “odd couple” with very conflicting personalities; while Florence is a very tidy, clean freak, Olive is your very typical lazy, messy, and take-out obsessive person.

The Scroll attended the April 6 show. The two leads, Escobedo and Lam, did such an excellent job playing their roles that you could tell they were passionate about the play. Both Escobedo and Lam are very talented individuals, and the Viking Scroll hopes to see them cast in future productions. 

The Scroll also would like to congratulate and praise the performances of the other staff members. Ngo portrayed her character Sylvie amazingly well. The Scroll loved the particular moment when she carried and threw Florence on the couch without breaking character.  

Mickey was a cop who always worried about her friends; Duran was able to bring that personality to life. Especially since this is Duran’s first production, she did exceptionally well, and the Scroll would like to see her in future projects. We especially loved Mickey’s humor, such as when she made risqué or dark jokes.

Renee was an excellent character made even more enjoyable by Castro’s portrayal. Castro is a bold actor and she seemed to have enjoyed playing her role. Vera was a very funny character. She was seen as the “dumb” friend, but we loved the way that Mesta added humor to her character by portraying her gullibility.

Monolo and Jesus Coztazuela are brothers in the production, who are played by Juan Oliva (Monolo) and Angel Hernandez (Jesus). The Scroll absolutely loved their jokes and the way that their characters mixed up their Spanish and English words. The Scroll thinks they did a great job portraying this humor with their characters and definitely gave the audience a good laugh.

The show wouldn’t be possible without the participation of the dedicated crew (see below, cast list) and Mr. Bier. The cast and crew committed themselves into the play; they rehearsed for 40 days, 3-4 hours each day. Mr. Bier, although nervous at first due to the inexperience of multiple cast members, was pleased at the cast members’ performance.

Anthony Flores and Zamara Ramirez both said they had a great time working as crew members.

Flores said, “It was a new experience, I really liked it, I’d probably do it again next year.”

“It felt amazing. I worked with a lot of people… [and] I had a lot of fun,” Ramirez said.

Miki Lam and Brisa Escobedo play the roles of Florence and Olive in Mountain View’s production of The Odd Couple at the Black Box Theater on April 6.

Photo courtesy of Vista

Ly Ngo as Sylvie
Maria Duran as Mickey
Claudia Castro as Renee
Emily Mesta as Vera
Brisa Escobedo as Olive
Miki Lam as Florence
Angel Hernandez as Manolo
Juan Olivia as Jesus
Mr. Scott Bier, director
Rebeca Favela, stage manager
Zamara Ramirez, costumes
Emily Mendez, house manager
Guadalupe and Joanna Linares, and Anthony Flores, props and stagehands

Full Disclosure: Crew members Joanna and Guadalupe Linares are Noemi Linares’ sisters.

Spring Sports Recap

Reporting by Junior Duran, Jose Flores, Lissette Martinez, Sibyl Soto, and Adrian Vega

Edited by Destiny Flores and Metztli Hernandez


Record: Overall: 8-11     League: 6-4


Mar. 16, vs. El Monte, W, 10-0

Mar. 18, vs. Rosemead, W, 10-0

Mar. 21, vs. South El Monte, W, 12-0

Mar. 26, at Arroyo,L, 5-2

Mar. 30, at Gabrieleno, L, 8-7

Apr. 1, vs. Marshall, L, 7-4

Apr. 4, at El Monte, W, 1-0

Apr. 6, at Rosemead, W, 12-0

Apr. 8, vs. South El Monte, W, 13-4

Apr. 14, vs. Arroyo, L, 4-3

Apr. 26, at Gabrielino, L, 4-2

Apr. 28, vs. Marshall, L, 10-0

May 4 (CIF Wild Card), at Hamilton, W, 15-8

May 6 (CIF First Round), at Riverside Prep, L, 10-4

Interesting Fact: The April 4 win against El Monte was due to forfeit.


Record: Overall: 6-14 League: 3-8


Mar. 16, vs. El Monte, W, 7-6

Mar. 18, vs. Rosemead, L, 6-0

Mar. 21, vs. South El Monte, L, 15-1

Mar. 25, at Arroyo, L, 7-0

Mar. 30, at Gabrielino, W, 9-0

Apr. 4, at El Monte, L, 6-5

Apr. 6, at Rosemead, L, 5-4

Apr. 8, at South El Monte, L, 12-2

Apr. 11, at Marshall, W, 28-0

Apr. 14, vs. Arroyo, L, 17-1

Apr. 26, at Gabrielino, L, 11-7

Apr. 28, vs. Marshall, W, 10-0

Interesting Fact: The game against Marshall on 4/28 ended after 2 innings when the Marshall coach was ejected.

Tennis (Boys)

Record: 2-12 League 0-10


Mar. 15, vs.Ganesha, W 12-6

Mar. 17, vs.El Monte, L 4-14

Mar. 22, vs. Marshall, L, 10-7

Mar. 31, vs. Rosemead, L 4-14

April. 7, vs. Marshall, L, 7-11

Apr. 12, vs. South El Monte, L, 7-11

Interesting Fact: Jeremiah De La Luz (’23) was named team MVP. He is also a starter on the football team.

Track & Field 

Anthony Paniagua (’22) tied for first place in the high jump in league.

Elizabeth Castillio (’22) placed 3rd in the 100 meters and 200 meters in league.

Interesting fact: For the first time in 15 years, Mountain View has a pole vault team, with 3 pole vaulters. Aldred Cruz (’25) finished fourth in league in pole vault.

March 14th sports update

Softball – Lissette Martinez

Record: 2-7


Feb. 16, vs. La Canada, W, 9-8

Feb. 17, vs. Workman, W, 14-4

Feb. 22, at Pioneer, L, 4-2

Feb. 24, vs. Alhambra, L, 20-3

Feb. 26 at Duarte, L, 10-1

Feb. 26 vs. Rowland Heights, L,10-0

Mar. 5 vs. San Marino, L, 17-3

Mar. 8 vs. San Gabriel, L, 9-7

Mar. 10 at Azusa, L, 13-2

Interesting Fact:

Freshman Leanna Ramirez was the winning pitcher against Workman on February 17.

Baseball – Jose Flores

Record: 1-6

Feb. 12, vs. South Pasadena, L, 5-0

Feb.17, vs. Bosco Tech, L, 12-4

Feb.19, vs. Avalon, L, 5-4

Feb.22, vs. La Canada, L, 8-7

Feb.26, vs. Monrovia, L, 14-1

Mar.1, vs. Wilson, W, 4-3

Mar.9, vs Sierra Vista, L, 16–6

Mar.11, vs South Gate, W, 5-4

Interesting Fact: 

Jeremy Martinez was the winning pitcher against Wilson on March 1.

Boys Tennis – Junior Duran and Adrian Vega

Mar. 8,  vs. North View, W, 16-2

Interesting Fact: Wesley To won 2 out of 3 matches. 

Track & Field – Sibyl Soto

Feb 19, at Ontario HS (Ontario Relays) 

Elizabeth Castillo placed 8th in the 100 meters with a time of 14.19 seconds.

Mar. 4-5, at California HS (Condor Invitational) 

Elizabeth Castillo placed sixth in the 100 meters with a season-best time of 13.90 seconds.

Xavier Spann had a personal record finish in the 100 meters with a time of 12.91 seconds. Jared Gonzalez also had a personal record finish in the same race at 13.3 seconds.

Rafael Puente had a personal record finish in the 400 meters with a time of 60.91 seconds.

Interesting Fact:  Xavier had the lead pace

Varsity Sports Update: Winter Sports final

This recap covers the Winter ’22 seasons. We will post our first Spring ’22 update in March.


Boys record:

Results: Overall: 11-15 League: 7-5

Dec. 9, at Bosco Tech, L, 48-44

Dec. 11, at Sierra Vista, L, 56-37

Dec.13, vs El Monte, W, 50-41 

Dec.15, vs Rosemead. W, 61-37

Dec.20, vs Diamond Bar, L, 82-27

Dec.21, at Silverado, L, 80-38

Dec.22, at Central City Value, W, 80-79

Dec. 23, vs Kaiser, L, 71-56

Jan. 7, at Arroyo, W, 65-61

Jan.12, at Gaberlino, L, 62-52

Jan.13, at Arroyo, W, 65-61 

Jan.14, at Marshall, L, 70 – 68 ( League)

Jan.18, at South El Monte, W, 52-32

Jan.19. at El Monte, L, 52-50

Jan.21, at Rosemead, W, 62-40

Jan.24, at South El Monte, L, 73-63

Jan. 28, vs Arroyo, W, 47 – 26

Feb. 2, vs Gabrielino, L, 49-38

Feb. 4, vs Marshall, W, 68-61

CIF Wild Card Round: Feb.11 vs Santa Ana, L, 75-59

That’s Interesting:  This year’s varsity roster featured 5 seniors.

Girls Record: Overall: 5-11  League: 1-11


Dec. 13 vs El Monte, L, 53 – 23

Dec. 15 vs Rosemead, L, 62-22

Jan. 3 vs South El Monte, L, 44-12

Jan. 7 at Arroyo, L, 44-16

Jan. 12 vs Gabrielino, L, 53 -8

Jan. 14 at Marshall, W, Forfeit

Jan. 19 at El Monte, L, 27 – 25

Jan. 21 at Rosemead, L, 54 – 20

Jan. 24 at South El Monte, L, 58 – 15

Jan. 28 vs Arroyo, L, 44 – 28

Feb. 2 vs Gabrielino, L, 66 – 15

Feb. 4 vs Marshall, L, 44 -30

That’s Interesting: Evelyn Hernandez (’22) averaged 17.3 points per game.


Boys’ Record: Overall: 14-8-4 League: 8-4-2


Dec. 15 at El Monte, W, 3-2

Dec. 16 at Rosemead, T, 2-2

Dec. 29 vs. Monrovia, W, 5-1

Jan. 3 at South El Monte, W, 7-0

Jan. 7 vs. Arroyo, T, 1-1

Jan. 11 vs. Gabrielino, W, 4-0

Jan. 13 vs. Marshall, L, 5-2

Jan. 18 vs. El Monte, W, 4-0

Jan. 20 vs. Rosemead, W, 3-0

Jan. 24 vs. South El Monte, W, 4-1

Jan. 28 at Arroyo, L, 3-2

Feb. 1 at Gabrielino, W, 3-2

Feb. 3 at Marshall, L, 3-2

CIF round: Feb. 9 vs. Redlands East Valley, L, 2-1

That’s Interesting: Senior goalkeeper Cesar Pina broke his knee last season and was unable to play. This season he sprained his ankles and despite the injury, he continued to play. He said, “It was difficult in the beginning. It was hard to get used to an ankle that doesn’t work the same way it used to, but with the help of the trainer, I was able to play.”

Girls Record:  Overall: 5-13 League: 3-10


Dec. 14 vs. El Monte, L, 2-0

Dec. 16 vs Rosemead, W, 3-1

Jan. 3 vs. South El Monte, L, 2-1

Jan. 7 at Arroyo, L, 3-0

Jan. 11 at Gabrielino, L, 9-0

Jan. 13 at Marshall, L, 10-1 

Jan. 20 at Rosemead, W, 2-1

Jan. 21 at El Monte, W, 1-0

Jan. 24 at South El Monte, L, 1-0

Jan. 28 vs Arroyo, L, 4-2

Feb. 01 vs Gabrielino, L, 5-0

Feb. 03 vs Marshall, L, 5-0

That’s Interesting: Coach Carlos Rivera was moved up to girls varsity soccer coach and is currently coaching both varsity and JV teams.


15 Vikings qualified for the CIF tournament on February 11. Additionally, the following wrestlers placed at the CIF tournament:

Boys: Raymond Flores (2nd place), Bryan Quintero (3rd place), Leonel Nava (4th place), Fernando Mendez (4th place)

Girls: Samantha Diaz (1st place), Brenda Pineda (1st place), Jocelyn Camarena (1st place), Vivian McMahon (3rd place), Emma Michel (3rd place), Natalie Cisneros (3rd place), Genesis Ceja (4th place)

Mariana Barboza, Destiny Flores, Jose Flores, Marytere Flores, Noemi Linares, Lissette Martinez, Irene Sanchez all contributed to this report.

Viking Scroll Issue 1 (2021-22)

Our first in-print issue since February 2020! Copies will be distributed during 5th period on November 19. After that, you can get a copy from Mr. Weller in Room 248.

Please note: On page 1, the Scroll wrote “When students or staff receive a positive COVID-19 test, the school performs contract tracing by evaluating all staff and students who had close con-
tact…Staff then determine if the students will be sent home, or if they can stay on campus depending
on their vaccination status and symptoms.”

To clarify, in the last sentence, “students” refers to students who had close contact with another person who tested positive for COVID. Students or staff who receive a positive COVID diagnosis are required to self-isolate according to Los Angeles County protocols and are not allowed to return to campus until at least 10 days have passed.

The Scroll regrets this lack of clarity and will run a correction for the record in Issue 2.

ASb officers in-brief

Destiny Flores, contributor, contribution by Metztli Hernandez, page editor

Though the campus is closed due to the pandemic, the MVHS ASB continues to meet virtually with its new cabinet.

Arlene Hernadez (‘21), the current ASB president, was voted in on June 10. Hernandez said, “I am happy to be president because I was super shy before and never thought I would do something like this. Unfortunately, I can not do everything that I had planned for this school year, as I was looking forward to achieving a lot for our school.”

Julieth Cardona was elected as the ASB vice president on June 10. Julieth (‘21) said, “With everything going on due to the corona virus and distance learning I believe ASB has helped me still include a sense of normality. Sure it’s not the same but it’s still nice to plan things for the school as always.” 

 On September 12, Frankie Robles became the ASB President and Diego Gonzalez became the Vice President of the freshman class.

Robles said, “I hope to make the school better, help out with everything, and to make sure to listen to everyone’s ideas.” 

Gonzalez said, “I want to step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself to do something new and get an amazing experience out of it.” 

This new leadership hosted a spirit week through instagram from August 24-28. They had many polls like debates between movies and other fun activities. The ASB leadership also interacted with students by reposting many of their costumes and makeup posts submitted.

The rest of the ASB cabinet are 

  • ASB Secretary Fabiola Cruz
  • ASB Treasurer Manuel Andrade
  • Senior President Alexandra Nery 
  • Senior Vice President Leilani Perez
  • Junior President  Jesse Arias 
  • Junior Vice President Isabel Fernandez
  • Sophomore President Anisa Robles
  • Sophomore Vice President Mariana Barboza