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Viking Scroll Issue 2 (2020-21)

Viking scroll issue 1 (2020-21)

The first issue of the Viking Scroll is hot off the (virtual) press!

ASb officers in-brief

Destiny Flores, contributor, contribution by Metztli Hernandez, page editor Though the campus is closed due to the pandemic, the MVHS ASB continues to meet virtually with its new cabinet. Arlene Hernadez (‘21), the current ASB president, was voted in on June 10. Hernandez said,… Continue Reading “ASb officers in-brief”

College Corner

Contributions from Aaron Phung and Anisa Robles Hey Vikings! It’s college time. In this article, we’ll go over some of the different college applications. For all of your applications, you will need to fill out quite a bit of information. Since a lot of… Continue Reading “College Corner”

Alumni Profile: Sandra Rodriguez, class of 2009

Sabrina Villalobos, Staff Reporter Contributions by Natalie Gastelum, digital editor Sandra Rodriguez, an MVHS alum from the class of 2009, visited the Journalism virtual classroom as a guest speaker on September 28. Rodriguez talked about the struggles of balancing her personal life and being… Continue Reading “Alumni Profile: Sandra Rodriguez, class of 2009”

Pets relieve stress

Metztil Hernandez, page editor During these critical times, many of us might be feeling stressed or down. One of many solutions can be in your back yard or home: a four-legged friend. Two studies done by Elizabeth Scott, MS, and an article from a… Continue Reading “Pets relieve stress”

What should i pack in an emergency evacuation?

Sonja Nguyen, contributor This year we have lived through one of the worst fire seasons in California history. Not only that, but we are already living in earthquake territory, specifically near the San Andreas Fault. Due to circumstances like these, it is always good to… Continue Reading “What should i pack in an emergency evacuation?”

aaede scholarship

The Scroll is pleased to share information for a scholarship opportunity presented by AAEDE. Please see the attached flyer provided by AAEDE for details.

Senior issue

Editor’s note: Due to the pandemic, the Scroll has created its 2019-20 Senior Issue as a digital edition. We hope to return to our usual print format in Fall 2020. Please click on the image below to read the Senior Issue.

May 29 Sudoku Solution